We supply quality electrical products needs by Industry either from Local Industry and overseas.  Equipment supplied are electrical material and also piping material. We supply from qualified material sources.

Electrical Material
We supply electrical cables, terminals, MCB, ACB, FCB, timer switch  etc. Pipe conduits, PVC conduits, cable ladder, cable tray and accesories. 

Strobe Light, Flashing Beacon, Indoor, weatherproof, Esplosion proof etc.

  • ELPRO STEEL: cable tray, cable ladder, galvanized pipe, box etc.
  • Kabel Metal Indonesia: power cable, multicable, grounding cable etc.
  • Supreme Cable: power cable, multi cable, grounding cable
  • Voksel Electric,: power cable, multi cable, grounding cable
  • Etherna: power cable, multi cable, grounding cable
  • Sneider Electric: ACB, MCCB, MCB, FCB
  • Merlin Gerin: ACB, MCCB, MCB, FCB
  • Cooper MEDC UK:  Flashing beacon, Strobe light etc.
  • Belden: Data Cable, Instrument Cable, RF cable, Control, cable


HOT DIP GALVANIZED and also ELECTRO - PLATTING cable tray, cable ladder, elbow, T, Cross, steel pipe, joint, box connectors etc.

Mechanical Material

We delivers pipe and fittings from reliable manufacturer, eithr for oil and gas application or for industrial application.

From reliable brands both from local manufacturer and overseas.
Benteler, Galperti, Aston, VIAR, ASK, AWAJI, Schulz.  etc.

But weld or forged steel fitting.

Flange, pipe fitting         pipe flange, pipe capblack steel elbow 90 deg LR, flange, nipple etc.
ITEM: Pipes,  Flanges, pipe fitting, joints. concentric reducers, ascentric reducer, elbow 90 LR, elbow 90 SR, sockolet, weldolet, thredolet, nipolet, latrolet, elbolet con swage nipples, pipe cap, straight T,  cross, carbon steel but weld fitting, etc.
Materilals: Carbon Steel A105, A350, A266, A694 etc
Sizes: 1/4". 1/2", 1" up to 8"
From low pressure up to high pressure application

Standards: ASTM A 182, ASTM A 234, ASTM A 420, ANSI B 16.9  etc.

Material Stainless Steel
Standard: ASTM A 403, ANSI B16.9

Forged Fittings socket weld or threaded
STandards : ASTM A 105, ASTM A 182, ASTM A 350, ANSI B 16.11